Our Founder

Samara Walker is a Boston-based entrepreneur, who is determined to have a seat at the table in an otherwise male dominant industry. She sought to create a Beauty Tech company that is inclusive for all. Àuda.B understands inclusion and diversity while providing a mobile platform integrating the standards and dynamics of all beauty services and products. Samara is a young maven excited to dominate the beauty industry with technology and creativity. Samara understands the importance and essentials of designing a beauty tech company that will provide a seamless experience for beauty professionals and customers representing all shades and undertones of consumers.

I started my career in the healthcare industry after graduating college in 2013. I found myself immediately gravitating towards healthcare analytics and understanding the business side of healthcare. Most people see healthcare at the forefront of the clinical side but I was personally intrigued from a foundational standpoint, how is the business side of healthcare managed? My curiosity lead me to hold different positions within the healthcare industry leading up to a Senior Financial Analyst role. After understanding different financial models within the healthcare setting I really appreciated the value of analytics and data. With a passion and vision to build my own beauty tech company I wanted to integrate the vital components to running a successful business within our app to not only help but encourage beauty professionals to use and leverage data to accelerate their business whether salon based or independent. With my prior experience in the beauty industry I have met very talented and creative beauty professionals but they often lack the support and knowledge of an accounting or business development tools to further their careers. With my passion for beauty tech and analytics I wanted to migrate the two, they shouldn’t exist without one another. Business and marketing school is not the ordinary path for beauty professionals, but resources should be provided not only to book business but also manage and maintain their business like professionals!