How To: Achieve The Perfect Manicure

How To: Achieve The Perfect Manicure

  1. Apply one thin coat of Àuda.B Hydrating Base Coat.

This will prime the nail, prevent staining, and extend the wear of the manicure. Our formula also improves nail hydration which is an excellent option for those who experience brittle weak nail growth.

  1. Shake nail polish color of choice before application to adequately mix the vegan mica.

A common ingredient in other nail lacquers are fish scales which create metallic and shimmery shades. This ingredient is usually disguised as “pearl” or “guanine” on the label.

Àuda.B’s formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which is why we only use the highest quality mica derived from naturally occurring minerals. Shake the bottle well to disperse the vegan mica to ensure an even application and lustrous finish.

  1. Apply two thin coats to each nail, allowing each coat to dry completely

Thin-controlled coats are key to achieve a flawless finish. Only one coat is necessary, however, to create a gel-like finish two ultra-thin coats should be applied to build opacity.

  1. Finish with the Jetsetter Gel “like” Top Coat for an ultra-high gloss shine finish and cap the free edge.

Our Top Coat extends the wear of our formula and provides an ultra high-shine finish. Cap the free edge to prevent lifting and chipping.

Once dry, finish with Almond Cuticle Oil for a high-shine finish and healthy hydrated cuticles.

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